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Here Are Some Good Pieces to Read Over the Long Weekend

Reflections on love and freedom from two gifted writers

Happy Independence Day to all the American readers, which, presumably, is most of you! Condolences and best wishes to our British friends as they deal with a large-scale election tomorrow. Many people will be enjoying a particularly long weekend full of hot dogs, fireworks, and summer heat, but one can always use the spare time to catch up on some reading. Here are just a couple of links that I’ve found worthwhile over the last couple days. The first comes from novelist Tara Isabella Burton, who writes a candid piece on overcoming smartphone addiction in Plough. Like many of us, Burton both wrestles with spending too much time on screens but has also made resolutions to overcome her dependency again Read More ›

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“Dopamine-Maximizing AI”

Elon Musk on addictive algorithms and the future of AI
Tech lords often vacillate between hype and doom, and Musk, who signed a petition to curb AI research until its effects are known, falls into that tendency, too. Read More ›
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How I Turned My Smartphone Into a “Dumbphone”

I've had it being a pawn of Big Tech
At the end of the day, I had to examine the real reasons I had an iPhone, and realized most of them were connected to distraction and entertainment. Read More ›
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Einstein Meets Lemaître

The significance of Lemaître’s work remained mostly unnoticed for three years
Georges Lemaître’s work provided the first interpretation of cosmological redshifts as a natural effect of the universe's expansion within the framework of general relativity. Read More ›
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Is AI’s Future Open or Closed?

Watch Archana Vemulapalli, Head of Solutions Architecture at Amazon Web Services, discuss developments in artificial intelligence

Watch Archana Vemulapalli, Head of Solutions Architecture at Amazon Web Services, discuss developments in artificial intelligence with Bryan Mistele, CEO of transportation analytics provider, INRIX – especially ways in which AI can be employed to make people more productive and efficient, and in the end, make the world a better place. You can watch this video and many more from the most recent COSM conference, which featured leading thinkers and pioneers in the fields of tech, artificial intelligence, and computing.

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AI’s Illusion of Rapid Progress

It always seems to be on the verge of perfection
Too many people are extrapolating from the systems that are purportedly automated, even though they aren’t yet working properly. Read More ›
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Bob Metcalfe on Our Connected World

Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Jay Richards interviews Bob Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet

The Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence is pleased to be able to share the videos from the 2023 COSM conference, now available on YouTube. This annual conference explores the status and the future of our era-defining technologies, from artificial intelligence to electric vehicles to new developments in biotech. Today’s video features a conversation with Bob Metcalfe, a pioneer in the field of computer science and the inventor of Ethernet. Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Jay Richards interviews Bob Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet and recipient of the prestigious Turing Award, about the predicted pathologies of the internet and the reversals associated with the rise of connectivity.

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The Crisis of Identity That Tech Doesn’t Help

Consumerism works well but leaves us empty

Writer and cultural commentator Aaron Renn wrote recently about the dissolution of identity in the United States, contending that if we don’t know who we are, we will never know what to do. Renn writes frequently on issues facing young men in America and the challenges of living well in the secular world. He writes, The reality is that a lot of people in top positions of our society act as if they want you living like Simba. They want porn available for you to watch. They want you betting on the big game on your phone. They want you focused on “experiences” and consumption, like hitting the latest hot travel destination or going to the new farm-to-table restaurant that Read More ›

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I Don’t Need an AI Refrigerator, but Thanks

We need to clarify what AI is good for and what it would only complicate

The AI hype seems to know no bounds. Is there any sphere of life the optimists will leave untouched? AI techies are coming for home appliances now, too, because it isn’t enough that our refrigerators store our food for us; we need them to refashioned top-down into AI bots that can spin out recipes for us. The main problem with this domestic infestation of AI is the simultaneous invasion of privacy, as noted in a recent Futurism article. Also, it’s just a hassle to keep up with. There’s no doubt there are certain things AI simplifies, like facial recognition on apps and generating an email via ChatGPT, but when I’m in the mood for a frozen burrito, there’s really only Read More ›

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What’s the Relation Between Intelligence and Information?

The fundamental intuition of information as narrowing down possibilities matches up neatly with the concept of intelligence

The key intuition behind the concept of information is the narrowing of possibilities. The more that possibilities are narrowed down, the greater the information. If I tell you I’m on planet Earth, I haven’t conveyed any information because you already knew that (let’s leave aside space travel). If I tell you I’m in the United States, I’ve begun to narrow down where I am in the world. If I tell you I’m in Texas, I’ve narrowed down my location further. If I tell you I’m forty miles north of Dallas, I’ve narrowed my location down even further. As I keep narrowing down my location, I’m providing you with more and more information. Information is therefore, in its essence, exclusionary: the more Read More ›

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The Apple Vision Pro is Here

What exactly is the point of this new, painfully expensive piece of gadgetry?
Given what we've seen so far, it seems like this new release from one of the world's foremost technology companies is more of a fancy toy than a genuine tool. Read More ›
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The Allure of General Purpose Technologies

Generative AI is merely the most recent one.
I don’t believe that economists intended to create a monster when they coined the term “general purpose technology”, but they have. Read More ›
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Is Tech Still Innovating?

Is it just me, or is the world of technology feeling a bit … stale?
Maybe IT is slowing down. But maybe that is a good thing. Read More ›
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Sam Altman Out at OpenAI, Microsoft Picks Him Up

Will Microsoft become the prime leader in the AI movement, and what will be the future of OpenAI?
According to the Wall Street Journal, Altman was "shocked" that he was ousted at OpenAI. But, he also fostered a close connection with Microsoft. Read More ›
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Trying to Solve Social Media’s Problems Through…More Social Media

Alternative social media apps still have to figure out ways to keep you scrolling.

Last month a friend invited me to download a new photography app called “Lapse.” Perhaps you’ve already heard of it and downloaded it yourself. I decided to try it and see what all the fuss was about. The app’s opening screen was dramatic, with captions about the failures of previous social media apps to truly “capture” the present moment. The business model of social media apps, the Lapsers rightly contend, revolves around “likes” and gaining “friends.” What happened to taking pictures of real, human moments without minding the social reward they might reap? Photo-taking was about holding on to moments that mattered. It wasn’t about filters, validation, or identity. Lapse promises to be different. It’s a disposable camera on your Read More ›


The Great Trust Heist

When social media companies are mining data, trust is naturally undermined.
Machines that process the private information you share with people you trust find ways to nudge you towards beliefs and actions the owners of the social media network want. Read More ›
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SPACs, IPOs, and Direct Listings

What are the new tools to unlock capital markets?

Matt McIlwain, Managing Director of Madrona Venture Group, moderates a panel on exciting new investment tools: SPACs, IPOs, and Direct Listings. Panelists include Kristin Zimmerman, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, Michael Nordtvedt, Partner at Wilson Sonsini, and Byran Mistele, CEO of INRIX. We’ve been sharing a number of lectures from past COSM conferences and other videos related to artificial intelligence and technology. This video is just one of many you can find at the Bradley Center’s YouTube page. There you’ll find several lectures, interviews, and panels dealing with issues that range from economics, Big Tech, and artificial intelligence. Notable speakers include 2022 Kyoto Prize winner Carver Mead, venture capitalist Peter Thiel, and George Gilder, co-founder of Discovery Institute and author of Life After Capitalism: The Meaning of Read More ›

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What is the Future of the Internet?

Jay Richards interviews University of Texas Professor of Innovation Bob Metcalfe regarding the future of the internet

In today’s featured video from a past COSM conference, Discovery Institute Senior Fellow Jay Richards interviews University of Texas Professor of Innovation Bob Metcalfe regarding the future of the internet. Be sure to register now for the COSM 2023 conference, which will be held in November in Bellevue, Washington. COSM is an exclusive national summit on the technologies remaking the world as we know it. The mission of the conference is to stimulate debate and deliberation amongst industry leaders, illuminating the synergy between Seattle and the world and providing a scene of civilized conversation and exchange. We’ve been sharing a number of lectures from past COSM conferences. This video is just one of many you can find at the Bradley Read More ›