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Why Mind Cannot Logically Just Be Matter, Part 2

As both Aristotle and C. S. Lewis have pointed out, you cannot get something greater than what the cause itself comprises
The very existence of rational minds poses what both Aristotle and Lewis considered an intractable “cardinal difficulty” for naturalism. Read More ›
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How My World Looked Inside Apple Vision Pro

I felt everything the script intended for me to feel. But I left with a lot of questions
What happens when people perceive reality differently? Will our painfully divided culture will be even more fractured? Read More ›
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Is It Sinking In? Chatbots Will *Not* Soon Think Like Humans

Tech writer Gary Marcus: Even futurist Ray Kurzweil, a fount of optimism on the topic, is sounding less sure now
Problems like model collapse, hallucination and innumeracy may be inherent in chatbots, which would curtail progress toward thinking like humans. Read More ›
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New Pre-Crime Laws: Real-Life “Minority Report” Coming to Canada?

Americans should NOT assume that “It can’t happen here.” The First Amendment is a constitutional tool, not a magic talisman. It can be undermined
Canadian media that accept Trudeau’s handouts must please the regime more than inform the public. Indies are under heavy fire. Read More ›
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Ozempic: Weight Loss Drug or Supermodel Shortcut?

Social media fuels impossible body standards. So, Gen Z flocks to weight loss drugs.

Ozempic, the weight loss medication that diminishes one’s sense of hunger, has been used as a simple and yet effective treatment for obesity. There is debate on whether the use of drugs to combat weight gain is healthy, or should be pushed back against by simply eating better and engaging in regular exercise. Now, though, a certain brand of Ozempic users is complicating the discussion. People, particularly the young, are starting to use Ozempic to carve out the ideal beach bod. But the risks to this aren’t benign, according to a report by the New York Post. Using Ozempic or other weight loss drugs without a proper prescription can be dangerous. Per the Post: “Drugs including Ozempic and Wegovy should Read More ›

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George Strait Breaks Concert Record

We still flock to what's good and real

“People have a hunger for live music made by real people — and it’s more than Taylor Swift,” tweeted music and culture critic Ted Gioia in response to the 110,000 souls who showed up for country music George Strait’s Saturday concert in College Station, Texas. Strait’s concert officially broke the record for total attendees at a U.S. concert, which is stunning, considering the phenomenon of Swift’s “Eras Tour” that has captured audiences around the globe and even perked up the U.S. economy. Gioia points out that, even (and perhaps especially) in our society in which listening to music seems to have become an individual, digitalized experience, filled with its fair share of computer-generated beats and bops, it’s obvious that people Read More ›

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Why Mind Cannot Logically Just Be Matter

The fundamental issue is not about something “greater” arising, but rather, something of an entirely different essence or nature appearing
Simply combining billions of unconscious neurons together will somehow magically give rise to conscious subjective experience at the macro level. Read More ›
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European Court: Assisted Suicide Not a Human Right

The high court also ruled that refusing life-sustaining treatment is not the same thing as suicide
The court did not rule — as Glucksberg did not about states — that countries cannot legalize assisted suicide or euthanasia. Read More ›
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Interstellar (2014): The Plot Thickens—Well, Relatively…

Aside from adventures and misadventures exploring Miller’s planet, discovery of a dreadful secret awaits the crew
Interstellar succeeds in the difficult task of creating sympathy for an initially unlikeable character via a harrowing plot turn. Read More ›
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Marvin Minsky Asks: Can GPT4 Hack Itself? 

Will AI of the future be able to count the number of objects in an image?
Creativity and understanding, properly defined, lie beyond the capability of the computers of today and tomorrow. Read More ›
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Evolutionary Theorists Stymied by the Human Mind

No one actually knows how our ancestors began to think like humans
If man is biologically — but not cognitively — like an animal, the obvious implication is that some aspect of the human mind is not biological. Read More ›
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Researchers: Chatbots Generally Flunk Simple Logic Test

From Futurism we learn “when asked to show their work, the AIs would detail bizarre and erroneous lines of "thinking" that made no sense”
The AI researchers report “a dramatic breakdown of function and reasoning capabilities of state-of-the-art models trained at the largest available scales”. Read More ›
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Paleoartists — Artists for Dinosaurs — Confront Generative AI

Generative AI cannot yet combine science-level accuracy and sensitivity to artistic issues but it is starting to have an impact anyway.
The paleoartists’ copyright dilemma is one element of the general problem of how to compensate original creators when work is repurposed in AI-generated output. Read More ›
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Consciousness Wars: Researcher Tries Negotiating a Truce

Witch hunts against leading theories are bad for a discipline’s reputation; Johan Storm thinks that all the prominent theories of consciousness are a little bit right
The fate of the discipline may depend on how committed researchers are to finding out the facts vs. protecting a materialist view of consciousness. Read More ›
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The Cancel Culture Mob Comes for the Psychologists

The response “It’s complicated,” chosen by nearly half of psychology profs, is a roundabout confession of cowardice in the face of mobs threatened by findings they hope to stifle
Cancel Culture at universities aims to protect a set of core beliefs from challenge by new evidence. If a discipline is to thrive, it must defeat the Cancel mob Read More ›
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Writers Are Getting Fired for…Not Using ChatGPT?

AI detectors aren't totally accurate, and the cost is steep for the writing industry
Even though writers wanted nothing to do with the chatbots, their work is still being flagged by detectors. And it's literally costing them their jobs. Read More ›
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If We Doubt That Plants Have Minds, Are We “Soul-Blind”?

The concept of “plant mind” as a trend in science — a trend consistent with growing panpsychism— has begun to worry some researchers
If panpsychism continues to gain ground, the human mind can at last be acknowledged to exist — along with the cabbage mind and possibly the electron mind. Read More ›
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How Do We Know If Something in Nature Is Purposeful?

Jonathan Bartlett considered the question recently in Cambridge’s Behavioral and Brain Sciences journal
Some biologists argue that purpose in nature is only “apparent” but, as Bartlett notes, there are philosophical and evidence problems with that approach. Read More ›
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How Do Writers Get Paid in an Age When Chatbots “Write” Things?

Are lawsuits against Big Tech really the answer? Much of the territory is uncharted
A few Big Tech players control the chatbot market. Could bargaining with them for something like Public Lending Right resolve the writers' issues? Read More ›
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Will AI Replace Developers? A Tale for Our Times

There are calls, even about software, that you would definitely not want a digital assistant to take
Developers don’t just write software; they must understand the whole picture of how it will be used both now and down the road. Read More ›