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More COSM 2023 Videos on YouTube!

The third tranche of COSM videos cover graphene, AI and capital markets, and George Gilder's "Life After Capitalism"

The third tranche of COSM 2023 videos is now available — covering an array of fascinating topics, such as graphene, how artificial intelligence impacts venture capital markets, and the principles of George Gilder’s book Life After Capitalism to name a few.

If you weren’t able to attend, or perhaps you want to revisit some of your favorite speakers, take a look at our COSM 2023 playlist on YouTube!

A few highlights of the recently released videos:

  • Nannina Gilder led a panel discussion featuring Ariel Malik (entrepreneur and investor), Bradley Larschan (CEO of Avadain), and Kevin Wyss (chemist at Schlumberger Limited). They discussed the 2-D super material known as graphene, and its many applications from aviation and space exploration to electronics, renewable energy, and medicine. Kevin Wyss explains:

“It is the strongest material known to man. It is also incredibly conductive, thermally stable, chemically stable, and has all these incredible applications such as strengthening composites to reinforce cement, plastics, things like that, all the way up to making flexible electronics and touch screens, making miniature transistors.”

  • In a talk on how AI impacts business, Cole Smead (CEO of Smead Capital Management) led a panel featuring directors and partners of Madrona Group, AZ-VC, and Flume Ventures about access to capital and how artificial intelligence impacts venture capital markets.
  • The former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich even made an appearance to speak with George Gilder about the future threats and opportunities for breakthroughs for American leadership, including the imminence of nuclear war, the decay of our institutions, and foreign policy. Moderator Bruce Chapman opened with the following:

“Technology is changing and it’s not just the beneficent technologies which we’ve mostly discussed here in this conference, but also the technologies of warfare. Our future, all the benefits that we expected, derive from technology, and we have to live in a world which may be a lot more hostile than it has been recently.”

  • And don’t miss out on the discussion between George Gilder and Dennis Ridley, Professor of Global Logistics at Florida A&M University, about key themes in George Gilder’s book Life After Capitalism, such as: wealth is knowledge, growth is learning, information is surprise, and money is time, as well as Gilder’s development of the information theory of economics.

You can also watch backstage interviews, in which Senior Fellow Jay Richards goes into greater depth with each speaker on the topics addressed onstage.

Click here to go to the COSM 2023 Playlist on YouTube.

Keep your eyes peeled for more videos to come!

Please save the date for COSM 2024:  October 31-November 1 in Bellevue, Washington! 

COSM is an exclusive national summit on the converging technologies remaking the world as we know it. The mission of the conference is to stimulate debate and deliberation amongst industry leaders on the unities animating these apparently divergent technology areas. Held at the Bellevue Hyatt, the summit illuminates the synergy between Seattle and the world and provides a scene of civilized conversation and exchange.

COSM 2024 will be the TOPOCOSM: exploring the new science of technology, the theory of spaces and places, and the technological transformation it is ushering in to a mostly baffled and indifferent world.

Caitlin Cory

Communications Coordinator, Discovery Institute
Caitlin Cory is the Communications Coordinator for Discovery Institute. She has previously written for Discovery on the topics of homelessness and mental illness, as well as on Big Tech and its impact on human freedom. Caitlin grew up in the Pacific Northwest, graduated from Liberty University in 2017 with her Bachelor's in Politics and Policy, and now lives in Maryland with her husband.

More COSM 2023 Videos on YouTube!