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Tobacco and Technocracy

Is tobacco just the first villain to be punished by a growing technocracy that seeks to limit freedom?

I don’t smoke, but I am wary of efforts to prevent other people from so doing. Now, blue cities — and soon states, most likely — have hit upon a way to ban smoking known as “Tobacco Free Generation” (TFG). It’s Pretty Clever Allow people who can legally buy tobacco today to purchase it, but permanently outlaw the sale of tobacco products to people based on the date of their birth — even as they become adults — as described glowingly in the New England Journal of Medicine: The bylaw, passed by Brookline, Massachusetts, gradually phases out commercial tobacco by banning the sale of nicotine products to anyone born on or after January 1, 2000 (one of us cosponsored the bylaw). Read More ›

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COVID Felled Both Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci as Heroes

As Wesley J. Smith recounts, more honest researchers were discredited for saying things that Fauci and Collins later admitted to be true
As we find out what really happened, the credibility of our public-health systems has been shattered and “Trust the science!” is becoming a joke. Read More ›
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Utah Goes Up Against “Nature Rights”

Utah is the fourth state — the others are Ohio, Florida, and Idaho — restricting rights to the human realm where they belong.
Indeed, it is our obligation as humans to benefit from the earth’s bounties in responsible ways. But nature rights would stifle our ability to thrive and shrivel the principle of human rights. Read More ›
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Mainstream Publication Endorses Suicide

The Politico story violates media guidelines and does a profound disservice to our society.
Such reporting tells people with dementia that their lives are not worth living. This is very wrong. Politico’s editors should be ashamed. Read More ›
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Being a Good Scientist Doesn’t Mean Being an Effective Leader

Francis Collins admits that they botched the COVID-19 response.
Collins’s recent admissions and overarching career illustrate why we should resist the current push to impose a regime of rule by experts. Read More ›
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Why Does the Proposal for Chimp–Human Hybrids Keep Coming Back?

From David Barash’s perspective, the humanzee’s suffering is rendered worthwhile precisely because it enables the denigration of other human beings
Physicist Rob Sheldon warns, when ridiculous inhumane ideas are routinely aired, we become more willing to accept inhumane ideas that are in fact quite viable. Read More ›
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Euthanasia’s Slippery Slope

Once a society embraces death as the answer to suffering, what counts as suffering never stops expanding.
Note well that the concept of the “completed life” need not involve any physical illness, disabling condition, or psychiatric malady at all. Read More ›
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Organ Transplants: How the Internet Enables the Dark Side

Euthanasia activists offer to "ease" the donor organ shortage, and so do cartels that exploit the world’s most vulnerable poor
Africans are lured abroad in hopes of a job, maybe in high tech even, and it sometimes turns out that the job is — organ donor. Read More ›
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Should Animals Be Able to Vote? Some Animal Rights Activists Think So

Here's a taste of just how absurd and extreme "animal rights" has become.
As I always say, if you want to see what is going so badly wrong in society, read the professional and intellectual journals. Read More ›
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The United Nations is Considering Granting “Ocean Rights”

Why is granting “rights” to oceans becoming a thing?
Common-sense environmentalism is no longer in style. The Ocean and Nature rights movements are symptoms of a viral anti-humanism. Read More ›
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Affirmative Action and Health Care

It is high time that our medical journals stick to medicine.
The hyper-woke New England Journal of Medicine claims that affirmative action is a necessary health measure. Read More ›
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More Ideological Alarmism in Yet Another Top Journal

Ideology continues to harm the scientific endeavor.
I can’t think of anything more harmful to people’s respect for “science” than hysterical scientists in (say) lab coats. Read More ›
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AI as Refashioned Religion

How AI fits into the transhumanist utopian dream, and where that dream might have come from
AI's greatest threat may not be its sophistication, but our own over-reliance on it. As a technology, it has its uses and benefits. As a religion, it fails. Read More ›
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The Technocracy Continues to Grow

We live in a time where individual freedom is under material threat from an emerging technocracy
We live in a time where the most important policy and personal decisions are going to be made not by us but for us by “the experts.” Read More ›
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We Need to Keep Medicine “Evidence-Based”

A new approach seems to be arriving — so-called science-based medicine. What is the difference?
Trust must be earned, not imposed. Information gatekeepers can be wrong. The danger of censorship in the name of “science” is growing. Read More ›
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The Life We’re Looking For: A Book Review

Andy Crouch's book on technology and human flourishing calls us to resist the urge to control and open ourselves up to deep relationships
Every so often a book comes along that puts a finger on the cultural moment in a way that directs, elucidates, convicts, and encourages. Read More ›
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CDC Neglects to Include Assisted Deaths in Official Suicide Report

Assisted dying is a form of suicide, regardless of the ways our culture has euphemized the term
The term suicide defines what is done, not why. In other words, assisted suicides are as much suicides as jumping off a bridge. Read More ›
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Patients Opting for Euthanasia in the Face of Painful Circumstances

Receiving assistance takes a long time. But to be made dead? Not so much.

So much compassion! A disabled woman with quadriplegia named Rose Finlay in Canada has asked to be euthanized because she is destitute, and the disability benefits she applied for would not arrive in time for her to be properly housed and cared for. From the CBC story: A quadriplegic woman in Bowmanville, Ont., has applied for medical assistance in dying (MAID), saying it’s easier to access than the support services she needs to live her life comfortably. Receiving assistance takes a long time. But to be made dead? Not so much: The single mother of three boys previously supported her family with earnings from disability advocacy work through her company, Inclusive Solutions. That’s also how she could afford to hire her own support Read More ›

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Medical Association is “Neutral” on Assisted Suicide

This is a matter of the gravest ethical concern

How in the world can a medical association be neutral on granting doctors a license to kill or assist the suicide of their patients? This is a matter of the gravest medical ethical concern, an action, remember, that was strictly proscribed 2,500 years ago in the Hippocratic Oath. Utter Cowardice But yield to the pressures of the activists is what the UK’s Royal College of Surgeons has done, in an act of utter cowardice based on a survey answered by only 19 percent of its members. From the Daily Mail story: The Royal College of Surgeons is no longer opposed to assisted dying and is now ‘neutral’, it has been announced. The organisation’s council members voted after discussing survey results, which showed an appetite for change, a Read More ›

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This Country Just Legalized Euthanasia

The law isn't even limited to those who are terminally ill

Alas. The president of Portugal just signed into law a bill legalizing euthanasia by lethal injection. It is not limited to the terminally ill — which is at least honest, since that is not what euthanasia/assisted suicide is really all about. From the Reuters story: The law specifies that people would be allowed to request assistance in dying in cases when they are “in a situation of intense suffering, with definitive injury of extreme gravity or serious and incurable disease.” It establishes a two-month gap between accepting a request and the actual procedure and makes psychological support mandatory. Strict guidelines and all that jazz. Not only are they unlikely to be strictly enforced but will soon be redefined from protections to barriers, Read More ›