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Modern day slavery, illegal trade of human organs on the black market and forced organ harvesting of death row inmates concept theme with a liver, heart and kidney with price tags and a barcode

Organ Transplants: How the Internet Enables the Dark Side

Euthanasia activists offer to "ease" the donor organ shortage, and so do cartels that exploit the world’s most vulnerable poor

We all know the sunny stories, featuring the wonders of modern medical science. A face transplant gave a young women a second chance at life, courtesy of another young woman who was not so lucky. Hold the sugar … There is a cloudier side to the trade. In the Western world, organ donation is becoming difficult to extricate from the push for euthanasia. Days after her 16th birthday, a Belgian girl who had a brain tumor was euthanized at her own request so her liver, kidneys, and lungs could be transplanted into others. A journalist at Belgium’s Le Soir portrays the story as awarm and wonderful moment: “Eva* will celebrate her birthday on Sunday – sixteen years old! – and Read More ›