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U.S. Drops in Happiness Poll

A year ago the U.S. was 15th in the world. Now it's 23rd. What happened?
Increases in loneliness tell part of the story, also overall decline in social cohesion and for Gen Z, meteoric increases in internet and social media use. Read More ›
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The United Nations is Considering Granting “Ocean Rights”

Why is granting “rights” to oceans becoming a thing?
Common-sense environmentalism is no longer in style. The Ocean and Nature rights movements are symptoms of a viral anti-humanism. Read More ›
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The New Cyber Cold War with China

Cybersecurity strategist Peter Singer told Wired that there has never been a better time than the COVID-19 pandemic to be a government hacker

The United States has formally accused China of both funding and operating cells of hackers who infiltrate research labs working on responses to COVID-19.

Read More ›