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How I Turned My Smartphone Into a “Dumbphone”

I've had it being a pawn of Big Tech
At the end of the day, I had to examine the real reasons I had an iPhone, and realized most of them were connected to distraction and entertainment. Read More ›
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Beyond Social Media’s Impact on Mental Health

Social media addiction can harm more than our moods

A young writer, herself a member of Gen Z, has dared to point out the obvious about social media. Sure, it’s verifiably making us sad and anxious, but it goes beyond that: it’s turning us into bad people. Freya India, a columnist at Quillette and a new contributor to Jonathan Haidt’s Substack After Babel, notes that while it’s important to talk about social media and mental health, it’s just as vital to talk about what this stuff is doing to our character. She writes, Our loss of empathy, our lack of regard for others, our neurotic obsession with our own image — it’s taking a toll. Maybe subconsciously. But I think deep down we know it. We know when people are using Read More ›