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Dune 1984 Offers A Strong Finish to a Unique Adaptation

I’d go as far as to say that, while not all of David Lynch’s adaptations worked, the film is, overall, better than the book
dramatic sand storm in desert, background, digital art
dramatic sand storm in desert, background, digital art

How One Woman’s Campaign Nearly Destroyed Pornhub

In 2020 it was the 10th most visited website on the internet, now just a shell of its former days
Stop violence and abused children.traumatized children concept.
Stop violence and abused children.traumatized children concept.

Why Do Universities Ignore Good Ideas?

Funding agencies see if the researcher is tenured or has already received funding. It's a vicious cycle.
3d rendering of High Angle View Inside a Conference Hall
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Why Humans Can’t “Share the Spotlight” With Tool-Using Animals

As the Ivy League war on human exceptionalism motors on, researchers’ thinking sometimes shorts out — and they don’t even notice

Is There a Solution to Low Quality Research in Science?

Molecular biologist Henry Miller and statistician Stanley Young explain why statistical techniques like meta-analysis won’t solve the basic problem
Businessman keeping the growth in economy
Businessman keeping the growth in economy

Google Gemini Presents a Past That Never Happened

You can't trust a bot to give you a history lesson, turns out.
Cute and little robot helper with artificial intelligence raising hand. Generative AI
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Is AI the Triumph of Left-Brained Thinking? What Follows?

Psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist argues that it is and asks us to consider what its cultural lean toward the “left brain” is doing to us
Two robots walking on the streets of an abandoned futuristic city on a rainy day, digital art style, illustration painting
Two robots walking on the streets of an abandoned futuristic city on a rainy day, digital art style, illustration painting

Could Our Minds Be Bigger Than Even a Multiverse?

The relationship between information, entropy, and probability suggests startling possibilities. If you find the math hard, a face-in-the-clouds illustration works too
This is exactly what heaven looks like - looking over the top of a blanket of gorgeous pastel coloured fluffy clouds depicting heavenly lansdcape background ideal for a spiritual theme
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Why Mainstream Media Can No Longer Really Fight Censorship

Whether they realize it or not, by accepting funds in order to survive, the MSM will gradually become agencies of government
journalist, reporter, dedicated storytellers of world, news and information, era of rapid media evolution, well-informed, microphone TV television press communication role online.
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Near Death: Why Corroborated NDEs Can’t Just Be Explained Away

In some cases, Gary Habermas recounts, patients who had NDEs while in a state of clinical death report dates and numbers that are later found to be accurate
Emergency Department: Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics Push Gurney / Stretcher with Seriously Injured Patient towards the Operating Room.
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Why Can’t Our Memories Be “Stored” in the Brain?

The image of storing and erasing memories is popular due to computer technology but it is not relevant to how the human mind works
Senior man looking at empty bench and remembering his friend, loss, memories
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Astrophysicist: Don’t Say That Chatbots “Hallucinate”

Adam Frank points out that human-type “hallucination” is not at all what drives a chatbot to claim that the Russians sent bears into space
ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence conversational chat bot by open ai using machine learning, Generative AI
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Near-Death: What People Learn When They Are (Briefly) Dead

In this excerpt, Prof Gary Habermas reports that sometimes the returned experiencer says that someone else has died — but the official news only comes later
A man going through the dark old tunnel. Tunnel with traffic lights and a silhouette of a man
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Why Doesn’t God Just Do Something Dramatic to Prove He Exists?

The Divine Hiddenness argument for atheism, espoused by Matt Dillahunty, is that, if a perfectly loving God existed, reasonable unbelief would be impossible
Receding concrete decaying arches
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Prof: There’s a Growing Number of Verified Near-Death Experiences

Gary Habermas notes more than 110 NDEs where experiencers’ detailed reports of what they saw when they were flatlined have been corroborated later
Women, man and hospital bed in motion blur of emergency surgery, healthcare wellness or risk condition operation. Doctors, nurses and medical workers with patient in busy er, theatre room or teamwork
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Dune (1984) vs the Classic Sci-Fi Novel: What Worked, What Didn’t

For some scenes, the film was an improvement on the book; for others, writer David Lynch might better have stuck with the original
Sand dunes in Sahara desert, Libya
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So Who Are Today’s Disinformation Police?

Social scientists are striving to develop ways to blunt the force of information that governments would rather the public did not know or heed
A man puts wooden blocks with the words Fact and fake. Concept of news and false information. Yellow press.
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