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Did “Evolution” Wire Human Brains to “Act Like Supercomputers”?

In making such a claim, psychology researchers may have got more than they bargained for
the head of a person is full of different numbers Generative AI
the head of a person is full of different numbers Generative AI

Leading Consciousness Theory Slammed as “Pseudoscience.” Huh?

Integrated Information Theory’s panpsychist leanings are the 124 neuroscientist critics’ real target
Soul Geometry Composition
Soul Geometry Composition

Mythic AI is Dangerous

The evidence is inconclusive (at best) that AI could ever think or interact like a human being.
Robot production line at artificial intelligence factory, mass production of machines with metal skeleton. Generative AI.
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Split Mind: The Strangest Theory in Neuroscience?

The idea that we might all have separate, undetected consciousnesses in each half of our brain supports materialism but there’s little evidence for it
Businessman in split personality concept. High quality photo
Businessman in split personality concept. High quality photo

Where Are All the Men?

Physicist Lawrence Krauss notes that men are vanishing from the sciences
Fall College Campus. University student dorm with autumn leaves
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Life According to the Turing Machine

Is there more to the world than just data and digits?
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Near-Death Experience Study: Brain Is Active After Death

Science media are making surprisingly few efforts to attack or explain away the team’s findings
Doctor Defibrillating Critical Patient In Hospital
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Octopus Intelligence Shakes Up Darwin’s Tree

There does not seem to be a Tree of Intelligence, which deepens the mystery of intelligence
Gallipoli, Canakkale, Turkey; close up of an octopus eye (Octopus vulgaris Cuvier, 1797). Generative AI
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Theoretical Physicist Admits That Humans Are Unique

In his forthcoming book, Marcelo Gleiser challenges us to acknowledge our responsibility to save the planet
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Another Non-Computable Trait: Spiritual Longing

You can't program spiritual longing into a computer, not matter how savvy the algorithm.
Silhouettes of people observing stars in night sky. Astronomy concept.
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If Panpsychism Is Now Mainstream, Is Fine-Tuning Next?

In his new book, panpsychist Philip Goff argues for fine-tuning of the universe and cosmic purpose
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