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If We Doubt That Plants Have Minds, Are We “Soul-Blind”?

The concept of “plant mind” as a trend in science — a trend consistent with growing panpsychism— has begun to worry some researchers
Stunning rain forest in a jar with self ecosystem
Stunning rain forest in a jar with self ecosystem

How Do Writers Get Paid in an Age When Chatbots “Write” Things?

Are lawsuits against Big Tech really the answer? Much of the territory is uncharted
Text written with a vintage typewriter -  That's my story
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Will AI Replace Developers? A Tale for Our Times

There are calls, even about software, that you would definitely not want a digital assistant to take
Two programers holding laptop with coding interface walking towards desk and sitting down talking about online cloud computing. Software developers team discussing algorithms on computer screen.
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This Darwin Quote Eerily Describes AI

Does a materialistic worldview lead us believe humans are simply advanced computing systems?
Charles Darwin portrait illustrating evolution theory and natural selection in a vintage style
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Don’t Believe in “International Community”? You’re Hardly Human!

Who said that? Not a streetcorner doomsday crank. No, it’s the editor of a highly respected medical journal
EU Office buildings in Brussels, Belgium
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Does Time Exist? That’s Not As Clear As We Might Think

We picture a clock when we think of time but, physicists note, that’s not how we experience it as living beings
Sand running through the bulbs of an hourglass measuring the passing time in a countdown to a deadline with copy space.
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Interstellar (2014): Starting Out at the End of the World

As Earth’s surface is turning to dust, a former NASA pilot is offered another mission, to help find a way to transport humanity to a habitable planet
dust bowl
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How Ancient Philosophers Can Help Design Better Computers

The Kubernetes program, for example, steers groups of computers the way, in the ancient image, a navigator steers a ship
Global computer network communication, internet business and marketing concept, blue transparent Earth globe on laptop keyboard macro view
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But Can Chatbot Claude Keep Its Promise To Reform?

What will happen, after all of Grasso’s careful work, when a different user asks for arguments in favor of intelligent design?
Man hand using digital chatbot for provide access to information and data in online network.Artificial intelligence.
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From a Philosopher: Philosophy of Consciousness Is “Bizarre”

Eric Schwitzgebel admits to his host at Closer to Truth that “every single view in the history of the philosophy of mind is bizarre”…
Person is looking for way out of psychedelic maze. A surreal labyrinth in magical forest. Human consciousness is at dead end, searching for solutions. Created with Generative AI
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Chatbot Claude Starts to Grok Intelligent Design…

As a result of Grasso’s probing Claude now admits that labeling intelligent design as “pseudoscience” or “non-scientific across the board” was an over-generalization
Bot abstract background illustration - 3d rendering
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What’s Happening to Journalism?

One of legacy media's most storied franchises is teetering.
Newspaper pieces antique advertising Old magazine strips Vintage background
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Educating Chatbot Claude on ID and the Nature of Science

When you are arguing with Claude, you are arguing with the internet —well, with whatever slice the chatbot has scarfed up and processed, according to an algorithm
Cancer detection and screening as a treatment for malignant cells with a biopsy or testing caused by carcinogens and genetics with a cancerous cell as an immunotherapy symbol
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Our Universe Works, Yet Doesn’t Make Sense … And So?

How can so much uncertainty lie placidly at the basis of our universe but disrupt nothing in particular? We even build better computers because of it
A depiction of electrons orbiting an atomic nucleus, illustrating the fundamental concept of quantum mechanics. Generative Ai.
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Educating Chatbot Claude About Design in the Universe

In an age when “prebunking” drowns information, chatbots need to go back to school
Chatbot in a modern GPU card 3D rendering
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Haidt on AI: Social Media Companies Use It to Hook the Vulnerable

The famous American social psychologist and professor at New York University, Jonathan Haidt, thinks phones have essentially ruined a generation
Cell phone addiction concept. Many teens hold smart device. Social media like obsession. Online communication problem. People watch mobile gadget screen. Art illustration. Cyberspace internet network.
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Generative AI Is Creating a Copyright Crisis for Artists

How does an artist assert copyright when her image was only one of many used to create a new image? How does she make a living if she can’t?
hacker cat working job profession illustration generative ai
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