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Fiery Apocalyptic Planet Earth Engulfed in Scorching Flames and Devastating Destruction

When Darwinism becomes a fashionable doomsday cult…

Like all cults, it can make otherwise intelligent people begin to sound rather strange, even precarious
One thing the dialogue makes quite clear is that Darwinism can underlie a classic fashionable cult that does not reflect well on its adherents' intelligence. Read More ›
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Why Does a Brainless Sponge Have a Toolkit for a Nervous System?

A neuroscientist wrestles with the question of where the kit arose? From the one-celled life forms that preceded the sponge?
Kenneth Kosik, perhaps unwittingly, describes evolution as if it were an engineer. But then, the situation looks rather more like design than Darwinism. Read More ›
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How Do We Know If Something in Nature Is Purposeful?

Jonathan Bartlett considered the question recently in Cambridge’s Behavioral and Brain Sciences journal
Some biologists argue that purpose in nature is only “apparent” but, as Bartlett notes, there are philosophical and evidence problems with that approach. Read More ›
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An “Evolutionary” Analysis of Childhood Provides No New Knowledge

Archeologist Brenna Hassett offers to explain the evolution of childhood and grandmothers — but, unfortunately, ends up providing no real insight
Humans have reason and ethics and other animals don’t, and there is no evidence that these qualities — that shape our societies — simply “evolved.” Read More ›
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If Humans Were Just Animals, We Would Not Help Animals

Whether we like it or not, the gulf fixed between humans and other animals is what makes it possible for us to reject cruelty to animals
The “human evolution” narrative that ignores the critical distinction handicaps the thinking of philosopher Hugh Desmond and many others. Read More ›
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Was Darwinian Philosopher Daniel Dennett the End of an Era?

Dennett’s image of the human mind as a user-illusion was very fashionable but it never made any sense
Who will assume Dennett’s role as the leading, world-famous Darwinian materialist philosopher? Will the position remain — tellingly — vacant? Read More ›
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Are the New Atheists Losing Their “Cool” Quotient?

And taking Darwinism with them? A look at what’s happened in the last two decades would seem to suggest that
The Four Horsemen of the atheist apocalypse no longer ride at full gallop and a close observer has noted that their cause has devolved to social justice issues. Read More ›
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Origin of Language: Still a Mystery, Despite All We Know Now

We aren’t even sure which is the world’s oldest spoken language, though Hebrew, Arabic, and Chinese have impressively long histories
We can research many questions about language but it’s not realistic to hope either that we can easily explain its origin or simply reduce it to software. Read More ›
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The Cancel Culture Mob Comes For the Evolutionary Biologists

Science is as dependent on the concept of public truth as the great religions are. Thus, when private truth rapidly gains power, it is just as vulnerable. Read More ›
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A Darwinian Argument for a Global Government

The evolutionary researchers worry that we have not evolved to be worthy of a global government and will face ecological ruin in consequence.
It’s not clear that the case for global government, such as it is, needs an evolution myth; more likely, the evolution proponents just want in on the game. Read More ›
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Claim: What consciousness studies needs is more Darwinism

The Darwinian view of the evolution of the human mind is, at best, a ladder with no upper rungs
Researchers seem to have honed their skills in presenting failure as success and in portraying more of what hasn’t worked as a solution. Read More ›
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The Likely Reason the Human Mind Has No History

Our efforts to explain the origin of the human mind fall flat because we are looking for an origin that probably doesn’t exist
To the extent that the uniquely human part of the mind is immaterial, it won’t have a history any more than the Pythagorean theorem, in itself, does. Read More ›

New Book Looks at Design in Nature From a Catholic Viewpoint

Catholic thinkers who reject Darwinism don’t focus so much on its claims about universal common descent as on its utter inability to account coherently for the human mind
n Chapter 10, Scott Ventureyra points out that, paradoxically, our weakness and capacity for sin makes us nobler than the countless life forms that cannot sin. Read More ›
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What Do Bees’ Joy and Pain Really Tell Us About Insect Minds?

If sentience, like intelligence, can be independent of phylogeny (place in Darwin’s tree of life), the conventional picture of evolution might need rethinking
Efforts to relate insect consciousness to the human type are doomed because the key features of human consciousness are abstract thinking and moral choice. Read More ›
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Once a Supporter, Science Writer Airs Doubts About Free Will

ChatGPT has set John Horgan thinking about whether he is just "ChatGPT-Me" himself
Horgan’s underlying doubts about the reality of his free will and his mind, really, seem rooted in his passionate belief in Darwinian evolution. Read More ›
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Only an Immaterial Mind Can Ask “How Does Life Work?”

Science writer Philip Ball, facing cancer surgery, struggles to find meaning and purpose in a wholly material world. He is looking in the wrong place
Materialists want to banish meaning and purpose from science because they know perfectly well that only an immaterial mind could recognize meaning in anything. Read More ›
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Will the Octopus Ever Find Its Way Into a Tidy Evolutionary Tree?

New finds in genetics and neuroscience both shed light and deepen the puzzle of the almost "alien" species
Octopus information-gathering is fundamentally different from that of intelligent mammals. Are comparisons in intelligence even meaningful then? Read More ›
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Can Evolution Create Free Will? A Neurologist Says Yes

Could the impersonal natural force of evolution shape hierarchies in the human cerebral cortex so that we have the free will that it does not itself have?
It appears that materialists have not been able to simply disprove free will, so Mitchell seems to be trying to shape an evolution theory to fit it. Read More ›
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The Human Mind Has No History

There is no good reason to assume that human intelligence evolved from mud to mind via a long slow history
When we look at the human past, we see lights flashing on suddenly. Technology evolves but not the mind as such. Read More ›
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Octopus Intelligence Is Unlike Anything We Know

Could such a different neurology really evolve purely by natural selection acting on random mutations?
If a complex neurology like that of the mammal was a fluke, what are the chances of a completely different complex neurology happening by chance again? Read More ›