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Generative AI Is Creating a Copyright Crisis for Artists

How does an artist assert copyright when her image was only one of many used to create a new image? How does she make a living if she can’t?
AI companies could be required to record images’ origin and compensate copyright holders. But as Robert J. Marks notes, end users might then have to pay. Read More ›
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Can AI Really Start Doing Evil Stuff All By Itself?

We need to first talk to the man in the mirror before we go around blaming transistor circuit boards for what’s wrong in the world
Far from being independent superintellects, AIs — without human input — are subject to Model Collapse, where they start reprocessing information into nonsense. Read More ›
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Can AI Write Screenplays for Films You’d Want to See?

That issue was the heart of the Hollywood writers’ strike. How was it resolved? Or WAS it resolved?
AI can replace screenwriters only if you are content to see the same-old same-old every day forever. That’s true no matter who owns the technology. Read More ›

Will Digital Inbreeding Be the End of AI?

Without the creative input of humans, AI is doomed to deteriorate.
AI training on itself needs fresh creative material on which to train or algorithms will feed off themselves in recursive cycles and degenerate into nonsense. Read More ›
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Model Collapse: AI Chatbots Are Eating Their Own Tails

The problem is fundamental to how they operate. Without new human input, their output starts to decay
Meanwhile, organizations that laid off writers and editors to save money are finding that they can’t just program creativity or common sense into machines. Read More ›