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Does the Evidence for Our Universe’s Fine-Tuning Mean Anything?

Why is a divine Mind not “scientific” if the evidence points in that direction?

Fermilab senior scientist Don Lincoln offers some thoughts at Big Think on why the universe appears fine-tuned for life. He begins by offering evidence: Suppose that the mass of the electron is twice as big as it is now. If that were true, the main fusion process in most stars wouldn’t work. Because stars are the kilns in which heavy elements are formed, some of the familiar elements of the periodic table wouldn’t exist at all. -Don Lincoln, “Why does the Universe appear fine-tuned for life to exist?” Big Think, October 7, 2023, Well then, we couldn’t exist. Similar examples abound, of course. But when we get to “why?” these things are so, Lincoln can’t seem to choose. He dismisses Read More ›