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The Scientific Evidence for Near-Death-Experiences

A conversation with Dr. Gary Habermas on the plausibility and evidence of near-death-experiences.

Is there strong scientific evidence for near-death experiences, the subject of the new film After Death? On an episode of ID the Future, I spoke with Dr. Gary Habermas about his chapter evaluating the evidence for near-death cases in the recent book Minding the Brain: Models of the Mind, Information, and Empirical Science. As Dr. Habermas explains, most near-death accounts contain both objective and subjective elements. Personal testimony about other realms can’t be independently corroborated, but objective evidence rooted in this world can be confirmed and evaluated. “I can’t verify heavenly discussions or heavenly sites,” says Habermas, “so the kind of NDE data I’m talking about virtually always occur on this earth in normal kinds of situations, like parking lots or in your Read More ›

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Does the Evidence for Our Universe’s Fine-Tuning Mean Anything?

Why is a divine Mind not “scientific” if the evidence points in that direction?

Fermilab senior scientist Don Lincoln offers some thoughts at Big Think on why the universe appears fine-tuned for life. He begins by offering evidence: Suppose that the mass of the electron is twice as big as it is now. If that were true, the main fusion process in most stars wouldn’t work. Because stars are the kilns in which heavy elements are formed, some of the familiar elements of the periodic table wouldn’t exist at all. -Don Lincoln, “Why does the Universe appear fine-tuned for life to exist?” Big Think, October 7, 2023, Well then, we couldn’t exist. Similar examples abound, of course. But when we get to “why?” these things are so, Lincoln can’t seem to choose. He dismisses Read More ›

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Are Near-Death Experiences Becoming Science Now?

The laughter has died down? Good. It was modern medicine — not religion — that created the hard evidence for credible near-death experiences

Gary Habermas, a professor of Divinity at Liberty University who appears in the upcoming Angel Studios’ film After Death., also has a chapter on near-death experiences in the just-released book Minding the Brain (Discovery Institute Press 2023). The chapter looks at the conundrums created by people who have, according to conventional measurements, died and are then brought back by medical heroics — and then report seeing people or learning things they could not possibly have seen or learned unless some element in their being was active while their hearts and brains were not functioning. Call it the mind, call it the soul… Here are a couple of highlights from Habermas’s heavily footnoted chapter, “ Evidential Near-Death Experiences”: Sometimes the experiencer Read More ›