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Science Writer: Maybe We Need Fewer Scientists, Science Journals

Cameron English sees a rise in partisan advocacy as part of the problem of increasing retractions in science journals
English argues that science research, which is already mostly paid for by taxpayers, should be open access so more of us can see what's happening. Read More ›
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Retracted Paper Is a Compelling Case for Reform

The credibility of science is being undermined by misuse of the tools created by scientists. Here's an example from an economics paper I was asked to comment on
In my book Distrust (Oxford 2023), I recommend that journals not publish data-driven research without public access to nonconfidential data and methods used. Read More ›
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Science Is Self-correcting? Time for a Reality Check!

In the wake of the Stanford scandal, the reasons why science often ISN’T self-correcting are attracting much more attention
Decades ago, better informed people trusted ongoing science research. Today, “Trust the Science!” is becoming a jibe — and for good reason. Read More ›