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Dune Review, Part 2

A long-expected betrayal

Last time, we discussed the circumstances leading up to the Atreides leaving their home planet and arriving on the Arrakis. From the moment they land, it is evident that the Bene Gesserits have been at work. They start muttering phrases to themselves about their long-awaited savior. This disturbs Paul Atreides because he considers the actions of the Bene Gesserits manipulation . . . because that’s exactly what they are. As the Atreides attempt to continue the mining of the spice, it also becomes apparent that the Harkonnens’ have left them dilapidated equipment. During an excursion into the desert to watch the spice mining operation, a horrifying creature known as a sandworm appears. These monsters basically rule large portions of Arrakis, Read More ›

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Concept of accusation guilty person girl.

Why Is Cancel Culture Such a Big Part of Our Lives Today?

To understand the Twitter mob’s destruction of lives and careers, it’s essential to address the immense power of groupthink

Just in time for International Women’s Day, Emma Camp, a female student at the University of Virginia, reports experiencing a wave of hostility when she suggested that non-Indian women could legitimately criticize the practice of suttee, by which a woman burns to death on her husband’s funeral pyre, voluntarily or otherwise. The reaction on Twitter suggests that Cancel Culture is its lifeblood. Meanwhile, virologist Julie Overbaugh, a National Academy of Sciences member who has made many contributions to the study of viruses, has been forced out of her teaching and research leadership positions because she had worn a Michael Jackson costume to a Halloween “King of Pop” party in 2009. Curiously, although one of her cited offences in connection with Read More ›