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Chatbot Claude Starts to Grok Intelligent Design…

As a result of Grasso’s probing Claude now admits that labeling intelligent design as “pseudoscience” or “non-scientific across the board” was an over-generalization

We’ve been reporting (here and here) on the efforts of Otangelo Grasso to get chatbot Claude 3/Anthropic to quit refusing to answer or shoveling out new atheist boilerplate about design in the universe. The object was to get it to start offering actual information about the controversy. Where we left it yesterday, the chatbot seems to have been searching information sources that did not simply label the intelligent design hypothesis as “pseudoscience” but engaged with the arguments. Here’s it’s subsequent response: Claude: I appreciate you laying out the argument for intelligent design in such detail. You make some fair points that I will consider carefully. However, I still have some issues with the hypothesis and conclusions: So while I grant Read More ›

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Educating Chatbot Claude About Design in the Universe

In an age when “prebunking” drowns information, chatbots need to go back to school

Last week, Richard Stevens wrote about the new fad in information control known as prebunking — setting about to destroy the reputation of a news source among the unwary. The tactic seems popular among a newer type of journalist for whom there is no other side to a story, who views alternative takes as a threat. That sort of journalism is currently associated with a huge decline in mainstream media readership even among stalwarts such as the Washington Post, which is currently facing a top-drawer upheaval as a result. Stevens demonstrated how a chatbot could provide free prebunking copy, using Mind Matters News‘s About page and Introduction as the subject. Anything can be prebunked in principle and sometimes chatbots may Read More ›