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Aliens Review, Part 2

Attacking aliens is like kicking a beehive.

In the previous review, we talked about how Ripley — the last survivor of an alien attack — was asked to consult a team of marines while they explored a settlement that has not communicated with The Cooperation for some time. This settlement was on the planet where Ripley and her crew had picked up the hostile alien which attacked them. The fear is that this same species has now wiped out the settlers. Ripley reluctantly agrees, and sure enough, when they reach the settlement, they find it abandoned. Only one child remains. Her name is Newt, and she tells Ripley and the marines that everyone is dead. However, Hudson, one of the marines, finds the settlers in a sublevel Read More ›

satellite image of china
Planet Earth from Space People's Republic of China highlighted, elements of this image courtesy of NASA

War With China: Who Will Win?

Has the United States lost its status of military superiority?

General Mike Minihan, head of Air Mobility Command and 50,000 US service members, said, “I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me we will fight [China] in 2025.” China’s invasion of Taiwan might spark this war. Predictably, the politically obedient Department of Defense (DOD) responded “comments [by Minihan] are not representative of the department’s view on China.” “Views” can be unimportant. Whether or not General Minihan is correct is important. Who would win the war between the US and China? Many are pessimistic about the chances of the United States being the victor. Here are short summaries (with links) of a few disturbing opinions from those who should know. So, how is the US doing?  Here are some disturbing Read More ›