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JP Moreland

A cloud for a brain under an umbrella

Is Your Brain More a Muscle or a Cloud?

JP Moreland discusses the habits of anxiety and depression and how to defeat them

With guest host Mike Keas, JP Moreland discusses his new book, Finding Quiet. He addresses the relative evidence for the soul and the brain, the integration of faith with knowledge from the social and natural sciences, and biblical and practical ways to retrain your brain and body to defeat habits of anxiety and depression. Show Notes 01:15 | Knowledge of Read More ›

Deppresive Man
Depressed and sad man on the couch in the room, covering face and crying in despair.

Our Anxious Souls have Bodies

JP Moreland on Overcoming Anxiety Holistically, both Body and Soul
JP Moreland shares how twice he was incapacitated for months by panic attacks and anxiety. His new book, Finding Quiet, seeks to make the most of his suffering, condensing the crucial lessons learned from his research. In this episode, JP underlines the importance of addressing both the mental and material aspects of inner disorder. Read More ›