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Is AI the Triumph of Left-Brained Thinking? What Follows?

Psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist argues that it is and asks us to consider what its cultural lean toward the “left brain” is doing to us
He notes, “ AI … has no sense of the bigger picture, of other values, or of the way in which context—or even scale and extent—changes everything.” Read More ›
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The Left and Right Brain Both Want Pop Science Media to Chill

Neuroscience is not an especially rewarding field for the pursuit of dogma
The risk with neuroscience that tries to encompass Mozart is not that we will know nothing but that we will know just enough to get it all wrong. Read More ›
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Does Left Brain-Only Thinking Impoverish Our Mental World? How?

A discussion of the left brain vs the right brain that avoids pop science can set us thinking, as psychiatrist McGilchrist and neurologist Dirckx show
Materialism impoverishes mind–brain discussions due to Egnor’s dilemma: If your hypothesis is that your mind is an illusion, then you DO NOT HAVE a hypothesis. Read More ›
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The Mind: A Neuroscientist and a Psychiatrist Walk Into a…

Psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist, conversing with Christian neuroscientist Sharon Dirckx about materialism’s deficits, shows considerable sympathy for panpsychism
What’s most interesting about this discussion is how well the life of the intellect, engaged by science, gets on without any form of eliminative materialism. Read More ›