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Neon Nanotech in Cyberspace: A 3D Illustration. Generative AI.

From Nanoscale to Waferscale

Sean Lie on the challenges and promises of the future's computing power

In today’s featured video, watch Sean Lie, Chief Hardware Architect at Cerebras Systems, and Pierre de Rochemont, Founder of Frontier Nanosystems, give presentations on the challenges and promising techniques for advancing computing power into the future. We’ve been sharing a number of lectures from past COSM conferences. This video is just one of many you can find at the Bradley Center’s YouTube page. There you’ll find several lectures, interviews, and panels dealing with issues that range from economics, Big Tech, and artificial intelligence. Notable speakers include 2022 Kyoto Prize winner Carver Mead, venture capitalist Peter Thiel, and George Gilder, co-founder of Discovery Institute and author of Life After Capitalism: The Meaning of Wealth, the Future of the Economy, and the Time Theory of Money.