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Marks: AI Creating More AI Equals Nonsense

AI "inbreeding" will always lead to model collapse.

Robert J. Marks, computer scientist and host of the Mind Matters Podcast, has a new article out in Newsmax on AI’s failure to meaningfully replicate itself, or build on its own programming apart from a human hand. He calls it “AI inbreeding” and notes that the process always ends in “idiocy,” writing, But what happens if someday much of the content of the web is written by generative AI? Many web scrapings will be from LLM’s and not creative humans. The generated material will be inbred and suffer from early signs of model collapse. Unchecked, the web might contain a lot of content that resembles a blubbering idiot. LLM’s like ChatGPT produce spectacular results. Under the hood, LLM’s impressively manipulate Read More ›