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Hyping Artificial Intelligence Hinders Innovation

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When AI is equated with human intelligence, innovation suffers. While artificial intelligence can help to improve our world, many people believe the myth that it can reach beyond the limits of its programming. Andrew McDiarmid, senior fellow at Discovery Institute, discusses the limitations and dangers of AI with Erik Larson, author of the new book The Myth of Artificial Intelligence.

Show Notes

  • 00:44 | Introducing Erik Larson
  • 01:59 | What is the AI Landscape?
  • 04:03 | How did Erik become interested in AI?
  • 12:39 | Mind and Machine
  • 16:40 | The Simplified World
  • 20:48 | Different Types of Reasoning and AI
  • 29:53 | Lessons from the Past
  • 34:02 | The Human Brain Project
  • 38:23 | AI in the Future
  • 42:27 | AI and Big Tech
  • 53:58 | Turn it Off
  • 57:41 | Stuck in the Modern World
  • 58:51 | Human Exceptionalism

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Hyping Artificial Intelligence Hinders Innovation