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Blake Lemoine and Robert J. Marks on the Mind Matters Podcast

Marks and Lemoine discuss sentience in AI and the question of the soul

Robert J. Marks, director of the Walter Bradley Center for Natural & Artificial Intelligence, sat down with former Google employee Blake Lemoine, who made headlines last year when he claimed AI can be “sentient.” The claim also led to his departure from Google.

The two had a fascinating conversation, to say the least. In today’s episode, they discuss whether AI can indeed become sentient, the non-computability of certain human traits, and the question of the soul. Marks and Lemoine couldn’t differ more on these fundamental points. Whereas Lemoine thinks AI can be sentient, Marks firmly rejects such a notion. In addition, Lemoine’s materialistic worldview controls his understanding of the brain, while Marks defends the existence of the immaterial mind. While they disagreed, they maintained a respectful dialogue. It’s well worth listening to.

The new podcast coincides with new pair of articles on the mind-brain problem from neurosurgeon Michael Egnor, Senior Fellow at the Walter Bradley Center. You can read those here:

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Also, be sure to catch the first part of their conversation here.

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Blake Lemoine and Robert J. Marks on the Mind Matters Podcast