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Cars of the Future Will Offer “Electrifying” Rides — Guaranteed

Electric car expert Tony Posawatz will be speaking about new industry developments at COSM 2022

After forty years in the car business, professional engineer Tony Posawatz, is optimistic about the future of electric vehicles (EVs). At Forbes, he was mooted to replace Elon Musk at Tesla in 2018.

Well, one thing Posawatz would not do is jump into an expensive catfight with… Twitter. He is wholly focused on ACES, as it is called: Autonomous, Connected, Electric & Shared vehicles, as the future of private transportation.

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Tony Posawatz

Current CEO of Invictus iCAR, a consulting firm that specializes in making cars leaner, meaner, and greener, Posawatz describes himself as “known for championing award-winning products and electrifying rides.”

His interests and achievements span many automotive areas: “His product/general management experience extends to leadership with GM’s “Fortune 25” Full-size truck business, initiating new brands like Escalade & Avalanche (as well as Volt which retired as all-time US plug-in sales leader, Ampera, ELR for cars) and creating new industry segments like 4-door, short-box trucks and large luxury SUV’s.” (Columbia Center for Global Energy Policy)

Posawatz thinks ahead: When asked by an auto writer in 2011 whether EVs could be luxury cars, he replied, “Believe it or not, but because of its instantaneous torque, no transmission shift, and whisper quiet interiors there are people that feel it could be the definition of luxury in the future.”

Smart marketing concept, there. The last thing the electric car trend needs is to look or sound like the former Soviet Union on a diet. The EV is best positioned as the car winners and fun people drive.

On a more practical note, he thinks that “Victory in the electric car market will go to whoever creates a smartphone-like ecosystem.” As he said at Forbes, “The future of mobility is so much more than just ‘smartphones on wheels,’ but the ultimate mobile device (the vehicle) can learn valuable lessons from the parallels and evolution of the smartphone.”

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COSM 2022 (November 9–11, 2022) at the Bellevue Hyatt in Seattle is an exclusive national summit on the converging technologies that are remaking the world as we know it — artificial intelligence, 5G and WiFi6, blockchain, cloud computing, space flight. It’s a great chance for civilized conversation between and with industry leaders on trends that really matter.

Other COSM 2022 speakers to pencil in:

How safe is our tech if it depends on non-free nations? Europe’s energy woes, in the wake of the Russia–Ukraine war, should spur us to take the question seriously. Keith Krach, former CEO of Docusign, speaking at COSM 2022, wonders why we don’t just do more tech at home where it’s cleaner and safer.

COSM speaker hopes to put creativity within every human’s reach. Jules Urbach, a game developer at 18, has large aspirations but he has the advantage of new software that might help.
One of Urbach’s current projects is an archive of everything to do with Gene Roddenberry (1921–1991) and his Star Trek universe

Software pioneer David Gelernter will also be speaking at COSM 2022: Gelernter, a Yale computer prof, is known for thinking through problems from a NON-Silicon Valley-elite perspective. He argues, “The emotional subtext of human communication is crucial to human thought … Too many computer scientists don’t understand this.”


How Federico Faggin put the computer’s brain on a chip. In the Marvel Universe, a story like this would, of course, start with a portentous meeting of top AI brains in a secret mountain stronghold, holding the world’s future in their hands… This isn’t the Marvel Universe. The project aimed merely to raise cash for more conventional stuff. Faggin will share his thoughts today at COSM 2022, Nov 9–11.

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Cars of the Future Will Offer “Electrifying” Rides — Guaranteed