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Yes, the Film on Near-Death Experiences Is Another “Hated Hit”

As with Sound of Freedom, critics trashed After Death but audiences loved it. And the critics just aren’t keeping up with the science

Back in mid-October, I asked a question: Would Angel Studios’ new film about near-death experiences, After Death hit the marketplace the same way as their Sound of Freedom? While SoF was trashed by fashionable media, it outgrossed some of the biggest films at the box office. Will After Death, directed by Stephen Gray and Chris Radtke, meet the same fate? its basic message is the way in which NDEs are becoming an intersection of science/medicine and faith and it will be interesting to see how the fashionable media react to that. Well, we have our answer and it is, perhaps not surprisingly, yes and yes. The film is a hit. From its October 27 opening through early November, it has Read More ›