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Funny pixelated boss sunglasses on new blue background. Gangster, Black thug life meme glasses . Pixel 8bit style. Color of the Year 2022. Very Peri

From Memes to Hodgepodge

AI again makes an odd mish-mash out of images, this time with memes
If you go through the slideshow provided at the Gizmodo link, you'll see the blatant distortions in the human faces to the point they're almost unrecognizable. Read More ›
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What Are NFTs?

What’s the big deal with non-fungible tokens (NFTs)? Is it worth it to invest in NFTs? How does copyright work with NFTs? Adam Goad, Dr. Austin Egbert, and Dr. Robert J. Marks discuss non-fungible tokens, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Additional Resources Adam Goad at IEEE Xplore Dr. Austin Egbert at IEEE Xplore ”Just As Cryptocurrencies Went Mainstream — a Huge Collapse!” Read More ›