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TagEdmunds planet (Interstellar 2014)

Portal in the Universe with a fiery glow around. Contours of dark trees

Interstellar 2014, Part 5: Time Travel Saves — But Also Destroys

Time travel solves some problems for planet Earth but it turns out to be no match for human mortality and sundered relationships
While the film begins well, it eventually falls into the trap of spectacle over substance. But I recommend it for the music, the acting, and the visuals. Read More ›
Abstract innovation space travel successful business. Future disruption strategy for time and space travel portal gateway. 3d rendering.

Interstellar (2014), Review Part 4: So Who Are “They” Anyway?

Will we at last find out?
Cooper says that the mysterious "They" have “evolved.” How in the world did natural selection select the fifth dimension? Read More ›