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Popping balloon

Bingecast: Bursting 2018’s Top Ten Hyped Stories

In a blast from the not too distant past, we revisit Robert J. Marks’ review of 2018’s top ten exaggerations, hyperbole, and failures in artificial intelligence. Marks bursts a lot of bubbles. They serve as object lessons to see through the smoke and mirrors that continue to obscure the actual reach of artificial intelligence in 2019. Show Notes 00:30 | Read More ›

New York 2077

Bingecast: Yuval Harari’s Silly Dystopian Ideas

Will infotech and biotech erode human agency, subvert human desires, and render free-market economics obsolete?  At first glance, there looks to be a wide gap between the future of AI and the destruction of democracy. Some futurists claim to have jumped that chasm. In a cheery little column published by the Atlantic, Yuval Noah Harari posits AI will ultimately destroy Read More ›