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Alienation: The Outsider and Closed Circle - Picture an outsider looking in at a closed circle, illustrating the alienation and isolation often experienced by those outside of a cult

Arthur Brooks and C.S. Lewis on the Cure for Loneliness and Inner Ring Syndrome

The modern world is a lonely place. So what are you going to do about it?

Arthur Brooks, former president of the American Enterprise Institute, writes a column at The Atlantic on the vast topic of happiness. His remarks are consistently thoughtful, encouraging, and oftentimes convicting, particularly with his latest post, which addresses loneliness. Over half of Americans think no one knows them very well, Brooks says in his essay. Men in America are very unlikely to develop new friendships after age thirty. Marriage and birth rates are falling, and in general, our modern world simply isn’t well suited for deep and abiding friendships. Brooks refers to this as the “Poe syndrome.” The 19th century poet Edgar Allen Poe was a recluse, and preferred to spend his days alone and uninterrupted. The introverts in the room Read More ›