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Andrew Clegg

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When the Government Controls the Spectrum

The federal government determines how the radio spectrum is used and who can use it. Turns out, renting out the spectrum to private companies is a billion-dollar business. The spectrum business goes to the highest bidder. But what problems does that pose in the long run? Google engineer Andrew Clegg discusses this and more with Dr. Robert J. Marks and Read More ›

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Can the Radio Spectrum Ever “Fill Up”? 

Right now, there are electromagnetic signals bouncing off and passing through you. But what happens when the radio spectrum gets overused and starts filling up? That’s the question addressed in today’s episode with Robert J. Marks, research scientist Austin Egbert, and special guest, Google engineer Andrew Clegg.  Resources

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Defining and Discussing the Radio Spectrum

So much of our modern technology depends on wireless “frequencies.” But how do electromagnetic frequencies actually work and how did engineers implement them into electronic devices? In this episode, Robert J. Marks and podcast director Austin Egbert talk with Google Engineer Andrew Clegg about the radio spectrum, how it has led to technological development, and the challenges of having too Read More ›