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Good and Bad Algorithms in the Practice of Medicine


Computers and artificial intelligence are restricted to being algorithmic. If something is non-algorithmic, it is not computable. Creativity, nuance, and insight are human characteristics that are non-algorithmic. What happens if you remove those human characteristics from the practice of medicine? Robert J. Marks and Dr. Richard Hurley discuss how algorithms can help and harm the practice of medicine.

Show Notes

  • 01:59 | Introducing Dr. Richard Hurley
  • 02:10 | Do Surgeons Pay Royalties for Procedures?
  • 02:59 | Coffee and Calamari
  • 04:45 | Spinal Surgeries
  • 07:31 | Algorithms in Medicine
  • 12:40 | Do Drug Companies Interfere With the Practice of Medicine
  • 19:26 | How Can the Current System Be Fixed?

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Good and Bad Algorithms in the Practice of Medicine