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Paul Werbos: Quantum Turing Machines


What are quantum Turing machines? In today’s Mind Matters News podcast, Dr. Robert J. Marks and Dr. Paul Werbos explore the mind-boggling science of the quantum realm. Tune in to discover Werbos’s thoughts on historical scientists such as Albert Einstein and David Deutsch, the multiverse theory, and Schrödinger’s cat.

Show Notes

  • 01:48 | Introducing Dr. Paul Werbos
  • 02:07 | David Deutsch’s multiverse model
  • 06:39 | The hidden variable and Bell’s theorem
  • 10:03 | Hardcore Einstein realism
  • 14:01 | Deutsch’s theory of quantum Turing machines
  • 21:46 | D-Wave and quantum annealing
  • 24:50 | What is annealing?
  • 27:07 | What’s the big deal about quantum annealing?

Additional Resources

  • Dr. Paul Werbos at IEEE.org
  • Paul Werbos’s website
  • Paul Werbos’s PhD dissertation introducing error backpropagation used today to train artificial neural networks
  • Paul Werbos’s 1972 Proposal to Harvard for Backpropagation and Intelligent Reinforcement System
  • Alan Turing, British mathematician and philosopher
  • David Deutsch, British physicist
  • Hugh Everett, American physicist
  • John Wheeler, professor of physics at Princeton University
  • “Mind, Brain and Soul From the Viewpoint of Mathematical Realism” at www.werbos.com
  • Norbert Wiener, American mathematician and philosopher
  • “Analog quantum computing (AQC) and the need for time-symmetric physics” by Paul J. Werbos and Ludmilla Dolmatova at Werbos.com
  • Werbos’s YouTube video on True Quantum Annealing
  • David Deutsch’s model of reality on YouTube

Paul Werbos: Quantum Turing Machines