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Geoffrey Simmons: Human Design and Robots (Bingecast)


“Machines will never fall in love with each other, they will never say a prayer in earnest and they will never comprehend their own death,” writes Dr. Geoffrey Simmons. In today’s bingecast, Dr. Robert J. Marks talks with author and retired physician Simmons about his book, Are We Here to Re-Create Ourselves?: The Convergence of Designs. The two spin off into conversation about human design, the future of robots and artificial intelligence, and the nature of the mind.

Show Notes

  • 00:21 | Introducing Dr. Geoffrey Simmons
  • 02:04 | Are we here to re-create ourselves?
  • 04:10 | A purpose to our design
  • 05:18 | Ray Kurzweil and Singularity
  • 06:19 | Why write?
  • 07:40 | Sending robots to space
  • 09:54 | The possibility of robot therapists
  • 11:23 | Space brain
  • 12:47 | Perfecting artificial intelligence
  • 15:13 | Are animals conscious?
  • 17:38 | Thinking and problem-solving in animals
  • 21:04 | How can you talk to yourself?
  • 26:27 | Artificial intelligence in the future

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Geoffrey Simmons: Human Design and Robots (Bingecast)