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Dark energy with quantum waves, scientific concept

Bruce Gordon on Idealism and Quantum Physics (Part II)

Continuing their discussion on idealism and the nature of reality, Michael Egnor and Bruce Gordon delve into the mystifying realm of quantum physics. What does quantum physics say about the nature of our reality? And how does this relate to philosophical theories about the world around us?

Show Notes

  • 00:23 | Introducing Dr. Bruce Gordon
  • 03:03 | The mind-dependent character of reality
  • 06:50 | What counts as a measurement?
  • 12:36 | The phenomenon of non-localizability of individual particles
  • 14:34 | The quantum Cheshire Cat phenomenon
  • 17:18 | The idealist perspective
  • 18:37 | Wrapping in Aristotelian and Thomistic thought

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Bruce Gordon on Idealism and Quantum Physics (Part II)