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Bruce Gordon on the Meaning of Neuroscience (Part III)

In this third and final episode with Dr. Bruce Gordon, host Michael Egnor picks Gordon’s brain on the overlaps between historical metaphysical perspectives and modern neuroscience. What does St. Thomas Aquinas have to say about metaphysical realities, and how does that compare to Plato’s idealism? Who is right? And what can near-death experiences and other phenomena tell us about the nature of reality?

Show Notes

  • 00:57 | Introducing Dr. Bruce Gordon
  • 01:30 | Idealism as the most satisfactory metaphysical perspective
  • 04:55 | Thomism and modern neuroscience
  • 09:39 | Near-death experiences and out-of-body experiences
  • 12:11 | Idealism versus St. Thomas Aquinas
  • 22:01 | Split-brain surgery patients
  • 24:40 | The animal soul

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Bruce Gordon on the Meaning of Neuroscience (Part III)