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Unfortunate Timing: Titanic Movie to Return to Netflix

The movie was probably already scheduled, but critics are mad at the timing nonetheless

The 1997 blockbuster Titanic starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet is purportedly returning to Netflix on July 1st, mere weeks following the tragedy of the Titan submersible. The Titan, which carried five passengers, imploded from extreme depth pressure, and its remaining debris was discovered very close to the remains of the Titanic.

Critics are fuming at the ill-timing of the movie’s return, calling it poor taste and insensitive to the recent catastrophe. Samantha Nungesser reports at New York Post,

“No way they saw those dead ppl and thought ‘this is a great opportunity,’” a third person said, while someone else fumed, “PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS A JOKE YOU HAVE TO BE JOKING YOU CANNOT POSSIBLY BE THIS SHAMELESS.”

Samantha Nungesser, ‘Titanic’ is Coming Back to Netflix Following Titan Submarine Disaster, Leaving Many Infuriated: “You Cannot Possibly Be This Shameless” | Decider

However, it was noted that Netflix was likely planning to feature the hit film before the Titan incident. The movie was slated for a summer reappearance months in advance. However, by all appearances, the timing is ill indeed. The movie’s gargantuan budget and box office profits, however, showcase its enduring and almost mythic appeal.

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Unfortunate Timing: Titanic Movie to Return to Netflix