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ChatGPT: Open for Freelancing

To use ChatGPT or not to use ChatGPT? For freelancers, that is the question

In the ongoing debate over AI systems like ChatGPT, the role of writers, particularly freelancers, has come into question. ChatGPT is replacing basic-level freelance work, but freelancers themselves are using ChatGPT to augment their products. The problem is, clients are struggling both to tell the difference between AI and human writing and trust the integrity of a writer’s work. Writing in Forbes, Rashi Shrivastava reports,

With freelancers in panic of losing their jobs and clients frustrated with AI-written work, ChatGPT has thrust the freelance world into disarray, and companies like UpWork and Fiverr stand to lose a lot. Fewer job postings for freelance workers could potentially mean less revenue for the platforms as well.

-Rashi Shrivastava, ‘I’ve Never Hired A Writer Better Than ChatGPT’: How AI Is Upending The Freelance World (forbes.com)

The platform Fiverr, where freelancers, editors, and other content creators can market themselves to clients, is embracing AI, but plenty of customers don’t want that. Now there are editors offering to edit and fact check content generated by ChatGPT to counterbalance the AI spam. In short, it’s a big mess.

To maintain their relevance, content creators and freelancers will have to strive hard for high quality for their writing, both to get noticed by clients and for search engine optimization (SEO).

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ChatGPT: Open for Freelancing