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I spy AI. And AI spies on me…

The true threat posed by AI is the greatly reduced cost and risk of mass surveillance and manipulation

Many fears of artificial intelligence (AI) are overblown. AI will not become conscious and take away all our jobs. It does, however, give considerable powers to governments and global corporations to invade our lives minutely:

Google also doesn’t mind telling you what you should and shouldn’t know. Roy Spencer, author of Climate Confusion, notes that when he did a Google search for “climate skepticism,” the first ten pages of results that came up contained links, not to climate skepticism, but to articles criticizing climate skepticism. By contrast, a search for “Nazi Party” yielded mostly straightforward information and commentary on Nazi beliefs…

In recent years, Russia has aimed considerable social media mischief at the United States. What’s the point? Science writer Alex Berezow ventures an explanation: “Russia is a country in inexorable decline. Its economy is roughly the same size as the combined economies of Belgium and Netherlands. Thus, causing trouble keeps it relevant.” If that sounds odd, recall that most Americans are too young to remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, when Vladimir Putin’s predecessors were all too relevant. Keeping a constant media buzz going in the United States about Russia’s intentions is much cheaper, easier, and safer for Putin than trying to install nuclear warheads again in U.S. territorial waters.

Denyse O’Leary, “Big Artificial Brother” at Salvo 48

Artificial intelligence isn’t dangerous. Only natural intelligence is dangerous.

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Your phone knows everything now. And it is talking.

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I spy AI. And AI spies on me…