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Kisoro Uganda beautiful sunset over mountains and hills of pastures and farms in villages of Uganda. Amazing colorful sky and incredible landscape to travel and admire the beauty of nature in Africa

Social Media Dissolve Borders for Orphans   

Sometimes it can create awareness of seemingly insurmountable problems, old and new — child sacrifice and organ harvesting

We hear constantly about the dangers and evils of social media, amid calls for more regulation, censorship, etc. And yet social media also provide creative ways for people in genuine need to reach out across the globe. One story from Uganda highlights that potential— and its risks. Matovu Mike Wakulira, originally from Rwanda, saw his parents slaughtered by militants in the genocide of 1994. As a child, he joined a group of refugees fleeing to Uganda. There, he lived on the street in Kampala for a few years until Joseph, an American expat shopkeeper, took him and another orphan into his home. From Joseph, a devout Christian, Mike learned an ethic of service. When Joseph was killed in an accident Read More ›

doctor with nurse looking at computer
doctor with nurse looking at computer at hospital

Bingecast: Data Analytics in Uganda

How can business intelligence and data analytics help medical centers in countries like Uganda care for patients and operate more efficiently? Robert J. Marks discusses data analytics, inefficiency, and medicine with Dr. Peter Kulaba. Read More ›