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Neurons activity. Synapses and axones transmitting electrical signals. AI generated

Tiny Dot of Human Brain Tissue Reveals Unexpected Insights

A speck of your brain can hold the data for 250 movies
Apart from sheer complexity, the organization of the deep brain did not turn out to be what researchers had expected. Read More ›
Endless reflections of mirrors in labyrinth house

Hall of Mirrors: The Many Ways Consciousness Baffles Researchers

Does consciousness have a seat at the table? Wait a minute. Isn’t consciousness the table? Or is it?
The human brain was bound to disappoint a pop culture quest for easy answers; brain imaging has not turned out to be a road map of the mind. Read More ›
New York City skyline

Can We Understand the Brain the Way We “Understand” New York City?

The “connectome” (a complete “wiring diagram” of the brain) is giving neuroscientists pause for thought

If the brain is immensely complex, it may elude complete understanding in detail. Deep Learning may survey it but that won’t convey understanding to us. We may need to look at more comprehensive ways of knowing.

Read More ›