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robot police officer patrols metropolis using a drone, skyscrapers

RoboCop 2014: Murphy Is a Real Boy After All

After his wife confronts him with troubling news about his son, Murphy starts a chain of events that enables him to confront key sources of crime and corruption
The political commentary is on the nose but lazy writing took much of the punch out of the ending. Still it may be worth your time. Read More ›
Asian cyberpunk robot police officer accompanied by a robotic dog, neon lights, Chinatown

Robocop 2014: A Good Movie Hampered by Bad Timing

The 2014 remake of RoboCop is considered a failure by most. I disagree. It has its problems but it is pretty solid in many respects
The film implies the existence of the human soul, as that seems to be pretty much all that Alex Murphy has left as he begins a new life as a robocop. Read More ›