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Closeup portrait of cute baby chimpanzee dressed in blue wool jacket. Generative AI.

Psychology: When a Child and a Chimp Were Raised Together…

When their son was ten months old, a psychologist couple decided to raise him alongside a baby female chimpanzee, for research purposes

A recent item on X pointed to a story many of us hadn’t heard before about a couple’s effort to raise their infant son with a baby chimpanzee. Before you interrupt to offer condemnation, let me start by saying that the (true) story took place in the early 1930s when materialism seemed new and exciting to many. If anyone tried that in 2023, Child Protective Services and the SPCA would promptly be called. But let’s climb into the time capsule (in our imaginations) and go back to 1931, when this kind of thing was still New and Cool: When their son Donald Kellogg was ten months old, psychologists Winthrop and Luella Kellogg decided to raise him alongside a baby female Read More ›