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Van, Turkey Ancient Urartu cuneiform from Van fortress. IX-VI century BC e.

Can AI Open Doors to Ancient Human History?

It’s not a time machine, to be sure, but it may help bring the past to life by motoring through dull, time-consuming translation tasks

There are more than half a million records from the Middle East, dating from as early as six thousand years ago. Many are written in Akkadian on clay tablets lying around in various houses of learning around the globe. Only a small fraction of these cuneiform documents have been translated to date. That’s because only a few hundred people worldwide know how to decipher them. Each tablet takes a long time and only some turn out to have important information. Because Akkadian was a lingua franca in ancient cultures in that region, many translated documents are shopping lists, deeds, invoices, etc. Of course, if a large number of these documents are translated, we can learn a lot about day to Read More ›