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Deppresive Man
Depressed and sad man on the couch in the room, covering face and crying in despair.

Our Anxious Souls have Bodies

JP Moreland on Overcoming Anxiety Holistically, both Body and Soul

JP Moreland shares how twice he was incapacitated for months by panic attacks and anxiety. His new book, Finding Quiet, seeks to make the most of his suffering, condensing the crucial lessons learned from his research. In this episode, JP underlines the importance of addressing both the mental and material aspects of inner disorder.

Show Notes

  • 00:30 | Guest host Michael Keas
  • 00:54 | Introducing JP Moreland
  • 01:15 | The panic attack and recurrent nervous breakdown that led to JP’s journey to conquer anxiety
  • 03:30 | Writing Finding Quiet to redeem the suffering by sharing lessons learned
  • 04:00 | Why are many people of faith reluctant to take psychiatric drugs?
  • 06:00 | Medication is not unspiritual. Our souls have bodies.
  • 06:30 | A holistic, body and soul approach to anxiety
  • 07:20 | Not just medications but a multi-dimensional approach
  • 07:45 | Why think we have an immaterial soul? What difference does it make whether there’s a soul?
  • 09:20 | Freely using our minds to restructure and heal our brains.
  • 10:00 | Training our bodies as instruments of righteousness
  • 11:00 | Retraining our habits, triggers, and “neuron grooves”

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Our Anxious Souls have Bodies