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Appropriate Technology: The Haitian Energy Problem

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Not all countries need the latest technologies. Those in developing countries don’t need high powered computers or the latest car from Tesla. They have more fundamental concerns like how do I feed my family tomorrow? Where do I get clean water? And where can I get power and energy? This effort of supplying needed technology is referred to as appropriate technology. Robert J. Marks discusses technology in Haiti with electrical engineer Brian Thomas and environmental engineer Kayla Garrett who work for a small nonprofit called JustEnergy, which works in northern Haiti creating solar energy systems for hospitals, clinics, schools, and orphanages.

Additional Resources

  • JustEnergy website: https://justiceandmercy.energy/
  • Support JustEnergy via Venmo: JizEneji
  • JustEnergy Mailing Address:
    1 Bear Place
    PO Box 60003
    Waco, TX 76798

Images from JustEnergy’s work in Haiti

Appropriate Technology: The Haitian Energy Problem