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Don’t Blame Me; I’m a Meat Robot.

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Methodological naturalism invariably draws certain conclusions. One of these notions is that we have no free will, and therefore, no culpability. We are essentially puppets hanging from genetic strings. Dr. Michael Egnor and Dr. Joshua Farris discuss this erroneous idea, as well as other failing conclusions created by ideological science.

Show Notes

  • 00:06 | Introducing Dr. Joshua Farris
  • 00:24 | Is a Belief in God Compatible with the Practice of Science?
  • 02:51 | The free-willing self?
  • 09:11 | Can One Prove God’s Existence Scientifically?
  • 12:16 | The Definition of Science
  • 21:10 | The Prime Mover Argument

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Don’t Blame Me; I’m a Meat Robot.