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The Chaitin Interview II: Defining Randomness

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In the 1960s, mathematician and computer scientist Gregory Chaitin published a landmark paper in the field of algorithmic information theory in the Journal of the ACM – and he was only a teenager. Listen in as Robert J. Marks explores that paper with Chaitin, covering Chaitin’s definition of randomness and his philosophical interest in algorithmic information theory.

Show Notes

  • 00:27 | Introducing Gregory Chaitin
  • 01:12 | Chaitin’s landmark paper published in his teen years
  • 02:04 | Chaitin’s definition of randomness
  • 08:43 | Metaphysics
  • 10:30 | Chaitin’s philosophical interest
  • 19:24 | Fermat’s Last Theorem

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(Portions of this transcript have been altered to clarify the content).

The Chaitin Interview II: Defining Randomness