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The Chaitin Interview I: Chaitin Chats with Kurt Gödel

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In this week’s Mind Matters episode, Robert J. Marks begins a conversation with mathematician and computer scientist Gregory Chaitin. The two discuss Chaitin’s beginnings in computer science, his thoughts on historic scientists in his field such as Leonard Euler and Kurt Gödel, and even the story of how a cold call to Gödel almost led to Chaitin meeting the famed German-Austrian logician, mathematician, and philosopher in person.

Show Notes

  • 00:23 | Introducing Gregory Chaitin
  • 05:00 | Chaitin’s Youth
  • 06:33 | Chaitin’s journey to computer science
  • 08:26 | Chaitin’s thoughts on Leonard Euler
  • 12:42 | Chaitin’s near brush with Kurt Gödel
  • 17:16 | The quirks of Gödel

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The Chaitin Interview I: Chaitin Chats with Kurt Gödel