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Tank gun on Red square in Moscow on background of St. Basil's Cathedral. Concept for russian military and weapons

AI Development in Russia — Part 2

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What is happening in Russia right now with regards to military development of artificial intelligence? Samuel Bendett and Robert J. Marks discuss Russian military development of AI, academia, and autonomous weapons.

Show Notes

  • 00:46 | Introducing Samuel Bendett, advisor with the CNA Adversary Analysis Group
  • 01:17 | How does the Russian military define artificial intelligence?
  • 03:20 | Deepfakes
  • 04:30 | Where is the work on Russian military AI happening?
  • 08:57 | Swarm intelligence projects in Russia
  • 10:37 | The structure of research institutions in Russia
  • 11:19 | Academia in Russian military AI development
  • 12:50 | Development of autonomous weapons in Russia

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AI Development in Russia — Part 2