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I Sued Apple for Patent Infringement

Hal Philipp on Tangling with Apple and Selling His Company

If you used a touchscreen, an automated door opener or automated faucet today, it is probably based on the technology of inventor and entrepreneur Hal Philipp. We continue our conversation with Hal on the Mind Matters podcast, revisiting his ambivalent relationship with Apple.

Show Notes

  • 01:15 | Mixed emotions about inventing the touchscreen and creating “a planet full of zombies”
  • 03:00 | The Power Mac G4 Cube and beginning a relationship with Apple
  • 04:45 | Terms and conditions and a souring relationship with Apple
  • 05:20 | Meeting with Johnny Ive and the unlicensed use of patented technology via a third party, FingerWorks
  • 09:55 | The iPod, Cypress Semiconductor, and an inexpensive capacitive wheel
  • 12:40 | The Markman hearing delineating the patent claim
  • 14:45 | Being nice in the midst of a nasty hearing, liking Apple, and the upside of Apple adopting and validating a technology
  • 16:25 | Protecting patents is a costly and tough-minded endeavor
  • 18:30 | Going to trial, an “offer you can’t refuse”, and selling the company
  • 19:30 | The challenge of finding good engineers
  • 21:30 | Apple and Atmel settle



I Sued Apple for Patent Infringement