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World Famous Psychologist Loses Appeal to Avoid “Social Media Training”

Does this decision legitimately restrict free speech?

Clinical psychologist, world-renowned speaker, and author Jordan B. Peterson, who rose to international fame in 2017 after speaking out against an impending Canadian speech law involving mandatory gender pronoun use, may be compelled to take in “social media training.” (RELATED: Three More Key Takeaways From the Twitter Files and Their Fallout | Mind Matters)

Several complaints regarding Peterson’s online rhetoric were sent to the College of Psychologists of Ontario in 2022, and the organization decided to have him undergo a professionalism training in order to address his online tone. Peterson appealed the decision, but lost, according to CBC:

Three Ontario Divisional Court judges unanimously dismissed Peterson’s application, ruling that the college’s decision falls within its mandate to regulate the profession in the public interest and does not affect his freedom of expression.

Ontario court rules against Jordan Peterson, upholds social media training order (msn.com)

In addition to this fiasco, Peterson was suspended from X, previously known as Twitter, when he criticized Elliot Page (formerly Ellen Page) who now identifies as transgender. Peterson’s account was restored shortly after Elon Musk took over the platform, but Peterson’s controversial comments continue to stoke conflict. (RELATED: A Warning From the Unpublished Preface to Orwell’s Animal Farm | Mind Matters)

“The fundamental issue is one of free discourse,” he (Peterson) said. “I like to think and we think by talking in large part. And so I’m not willing to suspend my tongue as a consequence of government decree.”

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World Famous Psychologist Loses Appeal to Avoid “Social Media Training”